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Business Continuity

Protect your business from the unexpected
A loss of data usually is more devastating than a crashed computer or server. Without sufficient backups in place you could lose months, or even years, worth of irreplaceable data.

Unfortunately many companies never recover from a serious loss of data, but when YCSI protects company data you can be sure that your valuable information will be safe and sound when you need it.

The failure rate of disk and tape backup systems over time is almost 100%!

You may think that your data is protected when you back it up to tapes, thumb drives, DVDs and other portable storage devices, but what happens if there is a theft, fire or flood at your location?

Fortunately there is a better way for businesses to protect valuable data...

As trusted advisors to many small businesses, we wanted to find the best data backup solution to make sure our client's data is always safe. And we came up with a solution that:

  • Does full file restoration fast and easy enough that can be done by anyone
  • Is fully automated
  • Is secure, using the same encryption methods banks are using
  • Is redundant, with two different Canadian locations
  • Does not require any equipment purchase
  • Does not use unreliable tapes
  • Does not require any end-user management