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April, 2010 Volume 2, Number 4
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  • Things You Should Know About Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • How Proper IT Support Can Increase Business Profits
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Tech News
Businesses push PC sales beyond expectations
The PC market is on a strong rebound path, with Gartner research reporting that worldwide shipments climbed by 27.4%, 5% higher than expected, in the first quarter compared with a year ago.

Analysis: Microsoft consumer product comeback is within reach
Microsoft has some major catching up to do, specifically in the mobile-device market and search arena. Still, Microsoft could reclaim its flagging market share in many consumer areas with a new wave of products, including Windows Phone 7 and Bing.

A new approach to speeding up application performance
A new approach to memory management allows computer code to operate more efficiently on multicore processors and can reduce the overhead of security checks

New iPad Wireless Connectivity Problems
According to some users, the new iPad which has been just released in the US; has Wi-Fi issues. The users are stating that the wireless signal is either very weak or doesn’t find the signal at all. Apple has published some troubleshooting tips

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Things You Should Know About Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The abrupt loss of electricity prevents computers from closing open applications, completing replication actions, finishing disk activities, and shutting down properly. Lost data and corrupted files are often result. Powerful electrical spikes also cause trouble. Computer components can easily be damaged by electrical surges or power grid fluctuations.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes) help prevent the damage that occurs from both power loss and common electrical fluctuations. However, just plugging in a UPS and connecting computer equipment doesn't guarantee systems are properly protected. To maximize the protection UPS provides, you also need to know the following:

  • Data line protection is important
    Lightning strikes can easily travel over telecommunication links, such as cable modem and DSL connections, to toast everything in their path. Install data protection circuit between your telecomm provider’s data line and your computer systems.
  • UPS proprietary software must be installed
    Often, we just plug in a UPS, connect a computer or server, and get to work. Almost all UPS manufacturers usually include proprietary software that must be installed for the unit to step in and protect connected systems when the principal power source fails. Take a few minutes to install included software. In addition, be sure to connect the communications cable (USB or serial) to ensure that the PC or server and UPS can communicate.
  • Batteries fail
    Batteries do fail. Due to a frequent discharge/charge cycles, manufacturer’s defect, or some other cause, there’s no guarantee how long a battery will operate as intended. Regularly testing a battery ensures that it has sufficient capacity to power a system should the main power source fail.
  • Load levels change over time
    Think how your network has grown over time. New servers, workstations and peripherals all place additional demand on UPS devices. Whenever a server rack or workstation’s equipment exceeds a UPS’s capacity, either deploy an additional UPS or replace existing UPS with a higher-capacity model.
  • Never connect a laser printer to the UPS
    Even when printing is a critical task, don't rely upon a UPS to power a laser printer. When attached to battery backup outlets on the UPS, laser printers quickly overpower a UPS and exceed standard load levels. This could potentially damage UPS electronics and will void the warranty. While printing, a laser printer requires quick bursts of energy. Most UPS devices can't supply the required power as quickly as the laser printer demands.
  • Service life is short
    The service life of a typical UPS battery is only a few years. Often UPS devices are positioned on cubicle floors or behind desks. It’s easy to forget they're there. Years can pass quickly and batteries may continue to function but they likely won't continue providing the same level of protection. Make sure to check the UPSes at least annually.

How Proper IT Support Can Increase Business Profits
By Mike Peric

When you first started your small business chances are you learned pretty quickly which things you were good at and which things you needed help with. This learning process is a part of most small business owners' experience, and it is important for every business owner to recognize his or her strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on the things you do well, and hiring others to take on those other tasks, is the mark of a good entrepreneur. Rather than trying to do everything, the smart business owner focuses on his or her core strengths and looks for talented individuals who can take on the more mundane tasks of running the business.

The same strategy can be used when it comes to IT and computer support services. As the business owner you could spend your day running around the office fixing computer problems. Or you could focus on growing your business and making it better. Which option sounds more appealing and more profitable to you? By using a quality IT support services provider you can let others handle those routine software and hardware problems.

Good computer support can help your workers be more productive, and that increased productivity can boost the profits of your company. These days everyone is trying to do more with less, and the companies who are able to achieve that goal stand to thrive and grow their market share. Hiring an outside specialty firm to handle your computer hardware and software support issues can help you keep your business lean without sacrificing the reliability and productivity you need to survive in today's tough economy.

If you doubt that proper IT support services can boost your company's profits and help the firm grow, just consider the alternatives to such support. You could continue to rely on any tech savvy employees you may have on staff, but if they leave the company they will take their knowledge with them. In addition there may be complex problems that they are simply not equipped or trained to handle. And when that does happen your business could be down for days as you search for the resources you need to repair the network and get the PCs back online.

Alternatively you could hire your own in-house staff of IT professionals to oversee your network and help your workers with hardware and software problems. This approach can be a waste of money and resources, since those workers may not have enough work to keep them busy. When you consider that IT workers are generally quite highly paid, you can see how this strategy could eat into your firm's profits. IT workers are serious professionals, and they expect to be paid well for what they do. While this may be fair to them, it can place an undue burden on your small business. On the other hand, by hiring a reputable firm to provide you with the computer support you need your company can avoid these unnecessary expenses while getting more complete support and protection it needs.


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